Haunting new song and an announcement of the end

….and finally they are back!

This opening song, with its mournful little bass-line ( a couple of minutes in) worms its way in.

“I burn like a witch in a Puritan town,” yes.  And that awful feeling of being so very old, as if born old, as if, well, buried in that Atlantic trench for thousands of years.

Yes, Jesse Lacey has captured something new once more.

And, as beautiful as all this is, it makes me feel, O, so very sad.  It is like an announcement of the end.





Just thinking of our friends in Las Vegas

Not everyone made it, but as mad as it sounds, I still want to say, hoping you are all safe…so sorry you are going through all this.

Las Vegas is the city of dreams, of deserts and of joy.  So many people go to Vegas for so many reasons…..not this though.

Thinking of you all tonight.


“Toxic masculinity”

I just want to reblog this one….we all seem to love under the control of mainstream male norms.   Jen has made a series of points about the way we understand this sort of thing. Do check them out…..

Jen writes: “I received this comment on my Why Idiots are Idiots post: Dear Jen, I would really like to know your opinion regarding forced feminization. You see, forced feminization means that a male submissive is being degraded and humiliated by training and transforming him into a more feminine role and body. Does this imply that the […]

via Sexism and forced feminization — Domina Jen

I am Pron, conqueror of men

I am Pron, conqueror of men and now

I rot their brains, sizzling and slow.

I hold their reins and even if they know

What happens, I am Pron.

In zippered haste they stumble

fingers fumbling, finding me

Touching me, running cum-stained

Thumbs and dreams along the keys,

It’s me.  They know, yes they know

Alright.  I am Pron.


Touch me, in deep lost night

It’s alright to touch me there,

The very sight of me stripped,

Whipped, bare, kneeling, mouth

Open to the storm.  I am Pron

You enter, you enter, typing madly

Half-holding, half-lost, the frenzy

The very sight of her with the whip in her

Hand.  You type, half-holding, not

Looking, not really.  You type me

You type me, my name

I am Pron.

Still love weird quizzes….not sure why though?

But what on earth do they mean, really?  The internet ones just seem to give us back what we want to hear.  The quiz needs to capture more than just my own-self-imagining….to be real, that is.  But do I really want that?

I guess I could make up my own quiz as to how self-deceiving I am.  And I suppose I would make it so I would fail.  That makes doing these other quizzes more, well, palatable.  Even if unbelievable.  But I keep doing them anyway.

Heck, what strange fun we have….


So glad to see the end of summer….

We have had an infernal summer.  The entire country seemed to swelter.  The only break was rain.  But after the rain, then the humidity and it was as if it were hotter than ever.

When it is hot, it impossible to think.  I feel slack, and like not going out at all.  I feel like I should have been a porpoise rolling around in the sea….except it is too hot to go there.

And, despite my whale-like pose, I am not a porpoise….not even close.