The best part of a beating….

Anticipation is a strange thing.  Ahead of any kind of session, I feel a kind of fear, longing, and desire all mixed up.

But the strangest thing is that the thing I like best is explaining my desires.  Then it depends on who I am talking to.  Is this a person who will beat me?  Is it someone who will humiliate me?  One who will punch my body until it turns so red that I know black bruises will appear in two days time (I do not know why heavy bruising takes an extra day – I will never understand that).  Is it someone who will want to bend me over and bang my glory hole?  Someone who wants to spit into my eyes?  I am never sure until we speak….and if I ever get hard, it is just then.  Once the session starts, my flaccid cock just dribbles away….and I am in a strange kind of delirium.

Afterwards, I just feel like I float away….I feel utterly invincible.


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