The Silent Sea

The sea rolls me, foaming over and over.  A body, my body, sluicing dripping, oozing salt water spluttering, nose running, choking, gasping, body pounded, pounded over and over.  And I feel it fall and fall.

The sea turns me this way and that….and I let it, I let it run over me.  Clothes tearing, pulling away, heavy, holding me back.  Life into death, death back into life…I taste salt, salt.  The iron of blood, mixes with salt.

The sound roars, crashes over me, crashes into me.  The sea withdraws, and I let myself drift out with it.  Drift, drift.

My face under water now, suddenly I hear it.  The silence.  Sweetest of sounds, blood in my ears.  No sound, not really sound, just thundering in my ears.  A silence that roars.

The silence of the sea.