Why, O why, am I so filled with slutty desires?

Sometimes I just want to be beaten, not for any sexual reason but because I feel I deserve it…to be beaten for just being and feeling all wrong.  It is as well that I feel the need for punishment because, in truth, I really do deserve it.  Who could trust in someone like me?  Am I even a person at all?  I do not do these things as much any more….and I am not even sure why that is so…

My desires run to rooms full of men, women, transexuals, all wanting to fill me, to beat me, to humiliate me….to just have one cock after another entering me, ejaculating into me….my body just a thing.

I am become object


I am become object,

Anyone’s, yours perhaps

For the taking.


I am become object

Love without being

Body without form

Life without life

Writhing thing on another’s floor

Whore-form boy

Yours, perhaps

For the taking.


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