Anal Submission

The joys of Anal sex

I love anal sex. I am always what they call the “receptive” partner, never the “insertive” one. I desired anal sex before I knew how to enjoy it. My first experiences of anal sex were very painful. Without lube, it hurts a lot. Even so, even in my earliest days as a bottom, I loved it.

I used to love it when they ejaculated inside me. But then, for obvious reasons, I became afraid, and stopped doing it that way.

She did not quite believe it. Mostly, people wanted to dominate and use her, something to prove usually. “You want me to fuck you?”


“And you do not want to fuck me?”


She gestured to herself again, and smiled a little. “I fuck you.”

“Yes, you fuck me.” She smiled again, and I went to prepare and clean myself.

When I came back into the room, after showering, to my surprise, there was no delay, and she was already lying on her back on the bed, naked. My eye was drawn to her cock, swollen already. I slipped off my towel, and lay beside her. She touched my cock , as if she doubted me, expecting that after all, I would mount her. But I pushed her unresisting hand away. I kissed her arm gently. Then her breast. And then her arm again. And then I went to her feet, and kissed her toes, taking each in turn in my mouth. I looked up. Her cock was no longer merely swollen, but now, it was erect. I kissed the inside of her thighs. I brushed my finger-tips over her knees, and along her beautiful skin. With my mouth, I began to kiss her balls. The skin was crinkled, and had a slight scent of masculinity. With my fingers, I caressed her cock, pulsing as it was with blood.

“Can I kiss your cock?”

She murmured softly.

I began to kiss the shaft of her cock, and ran my tongue along its beautiful length. There was a drop of clear pre-cum already. I kissed it, and licked it. Then I took the length of her cock in my mouth. My entire body ached for her.

She was not really in the mood to delay. She rose up, onto her knees, and moved down the bed. She motioned for me to turn around. I raised myself onto my knees, and faced away from her. From below, I saw her cock ready to enter me. But she paused, and said, “Condom.”

“Good thinking,” I said. I realised with a shock that I would have let her enter me without one. She slipped on a black, ribbed condom, and in that way that we do, she was slowly masturbating her cock to make it very hard, and using a little lube, just ahead of entering me.

“Does that hurt? Is that ok?”

The head had entered. I was very relaxed. “It is fine. But take it slow.”

She put it in a little more. “Is it ok?”

“Yes, it is beautiful.”

And then she pushed it ever so gently all the way in. That moment is always the most gorgeous. That small shock of being filled completely always thrilled me.

Slowly she gained confidence. She pushed me down flat onto the bed. “Lie down”

I was flat on my stomach, and I noticed that her hands, both hands, were pressing down just above my bottom. She began to fuck me, slowly and gently at first. Then she gathered pace. Soon she was giving it to me as hard as she could. I was gasping for air.

“Turn over now.” She had withdrawn her cock. I turned onto my back, and raised my legs, opening myself to her. She pushed my legs back further, and then with one hand she steered her cock into me again. Now I was looking up into her beautiful eyes, and she rammed me over and over again, meeting my gaze.

After what seems like an hour, but was probably only ten minutes, she slid off me, and turned onto her side to face me. I lay still, embracing her.

Her erection slowly wilted as we chatted. I thought she was finished with me.   But then she said, “I want to fuck you again. Is that ok?”

Yes it was ok. It was better than ok. It was generous and beautiful.


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