Happy New Year!!

We live in hope.  And so we should.  Even if all the evidence runs the other way, we should never give up hope.  And if you care about someone, now is the time to tell that someone how you feel.  And if you want to make plans with people, well…..tell them now!

So, once more, the year is coming to an end – and a new one is about to begin.  May it be a wonderful one for all of you bloggers (or at least a better one than this one!!).

And, as for me, this is my new blog, and I look forward to meeting new wandering souls in 2016!



Shame and Shoulders

Shame and shoulders, turned inward

My breast burns, as my face

Reddens, my eyes prickle soft.


My tears slake the thirst of the hunter

Those who track me these millions

And millions of years. See, see

How they crest the banks of pain

How with wild yelps their hands seize

And grasp me. The shame

Overcomes love, overcomes me

And I am not me, still yet I soar

Away from this thing of me, this broken flesh

This thing of me which huddles and cries

Cowers and whines. Under their invited hours

Of blows and taunts, the names haunt

My flesh, for I am slut, whore, all things

You put beyond your doors.


But in that cold I grow so old

That yet I rise again. These names are not mine

I rise and rise, and my shame and shoulders

Turn inward and with ragged breath on frozen air

I lie slumped upon the concrete floor.